Q: What do you use to repair my bath fixture?

A:  On fiberglass fixtures we use high-quality fiberglass fillers and resins and put the original surface back on again (gel coat or Acrylic). On Porcelain, ceramic tile and countertops a resin acrylic topcoat is used.

Q:  Is there a big mess when you're done?

A:  Under normal conditions, there usually is no sign that we were ever there, except for a  smell that is gone within hours.

Q. What products can be used to clean my tub?

A. Most bathroom cleaners can be used. However, please avoid abrasive cleanser, it could dull the surface. If the tub is slightly scratched, an automobile wax will restore the beautiful shine of the  surface. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until we can use our fixture again?

A: Normal repairs made on your bath bay, shower or whirlpool are usually completed in just a few hours.  Major jobs could take up to 8 hours to complete.  On normal repairs you could use your tub when we leave, larger more complex jobs require 12-24 hours for proper curing.  This is something we would let you know upon completion of your specific application.

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